Mozart & the Mind 2014
Mozart & the Mind is back!

MATM 2014 (May 10, 17, 31) features presentations by pioneers in the fields of music cognition, music therapy, and extended musical interfaces with the human nervous system, including Laurel Trainor (Founding Director, McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind), Concetta Tomaino (Founding Director, Institute for Music and Neurologic Function), and David Rosenboom (Dean and Distinguished Chair of Music, California Institute of the Arts). These are complemented by live performances by Rosenboom and Mickey Hart from the Grateful Dead, and a free Music & the Brain Exposition where you can travel inside a 3D model of an active brain using an Oculus Rift virtual reality rig and wearable EEG, compose new music reflecting your combined cognitive and emotional state, join others in creating a visual network of rhythmic synchrony; or watch musicians improvise live in response to an artistic interpretation of their own changing brain activity.

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Mozart & the Mind