Mozart and the Mind

Mozart and the Mind is an annual series of presentations, performances and interactive expositions wherein influential scientists, researchers and clinicians share the stage with musicians and composers to explore intersections between music and neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and medicine and health. These events explore important topics that include the role of music in therapy and rehabilitation; musical training's role in improving brain function; how advances in cognitive neuroscience and neurotechnology can open new possibilities for musical expression; what brain structures underlie rhythm and music perception and more.

MATM takes participants on an intellectual and artistic journey, with events that interweave cutting-edge scientific discourse with live musical performances and interactive installations. Each MATM presentation is paired with an interactive “Music-Brain Exposition” or a live performance, exploring relationships between music and the mind. This is followed by one of Mainly Mozart's world-class Spotlight Series classical music concerts.

Our goal is to have audience members walk away from a MATM event thinking "Wow, not only did I learn something new and fascinating about the brain and its relationship to music, but I learned something useful and relevant to me, my friends, or my family. And I had fun!"

Mozart and the Mind is produced by San Diego classical arts organization, Mainly Mozart, and directed by UC San Diego neuroscience researcher and Mainly Mozart Artistic Partner, Tim Mullen.

For more details visit Mainly Mozart's MATM page
Mozart and the Mind 2013 Poster