Alongside my passion for science and education, I share an equally fervent passion for the arts, which I express as a musician and new media artist. The installations and performances I develop explore the coupling between one's mental world and the external world. Through interactive audiovisual environments, driven by signals recorded from a user's brain/body, the individual manipulates and explores aesthetically-pleasing and meaningful representations of his or her mental/physical state.

Several of my recent collaborative projects, presented nationally and internationally, include Mindchill (Yuri's Night Bay Area 2008), Mindchill 2.0 (Fluxpoint 2008), EEG Ocean (multiple installations 2008-13), Music for Online Performer (In Tones 2010, NIME 2011), MoodMixer (NIME 2011), MoodMixer 2.0 (Mozart & the Mind 2012), and Just: a Suite for Cello, Flute, Violin and Brain (Sonic Diasporas Festival 2011), The Glass Brain (SxSW 2014, GTC 2014), and Ringing Minds (MATM 2014, Whitney Museum of American Art 2015). For more information, please click here

I am also the fouding Creative Director for the annual Mozart & the Mind festival produced by Mainly Mozart, exploring intersections between music, cognitive neuroscience, psychology and health. For more information on MATM, please click here.
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