About Me

I was born in La Plata, Argentina. I've lived in India, Pakistan, Brazil, Hungary, and a dozen other countries worldwide. I love travel and exploration, music, good beer, and football (the kind actually played with feet). I am a 
University of California, Berkeley alumnus in Computer Science and Cognitive Neuroscience, and hold M.S. and Ph.D degrees from the Department of Cognitive Science at UC San Diego, where my primary affiliations included the Institute for Neural Computation (INC) and Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience (SCCN). I am a former fellow of the NSF- supported Temporal Dynamics of Learning CenterA significant aspect of my research has focused on developing novel tools to understand the computational mechanisms and brain dynamics underlying cognition and brain dysfunction in humans.

I am a founder and CEO of Intheon, a San Diego neurotechnology company focused on serving health, medical, and scientific communities with state-of-the art statistical machine learning and biosignal processing and a cloud computing infrastructure. I also direct Intheon's R&D division Intheon Labs, which is committed to advancing both applied and basic scientific research in neurotechnology.

I am frequent speaker at conferences and events related to computational neuroscience and neurotechnology. You can watch my TEDx Talk "The Mind is the New Frontier" Here.

Beyond research, I enjoy expressing myself as a musician and new media artist. As a musician (guitar, percussion, vocals, songwriting) I'm currently working with fellow artists on developing a first album (a bossa-nova/jazz/indy-rock influenced style combined with instrumental elements and solo pieces). As a new media artist, I make use of electrical signals recorded from the human brain and peripheral nervous system to manipulate physical materials and audiovisual environments. Some of my collaborative projects include Mindchill (Yuri's Night / Fluxpoint 2008), Music for Online Performer (In Tones, 2010), the EEG Ocean series (2008-2012), the MoodMixer series (NIME 2011, MATM 2012-2014), Just (Sonic Diasporas Festival 2011), The Glass Brain (SXSW 2014), and Ringing Minds (MATM 2014). Please visit my Art page for more info.

I am a Creative Director for San Diego's leading classical arts organization Mainly Mozart, where I'm founding director of the annual Mozart & the Mind series (since 2012), exploring the impact of music on our brains, health, and lives.

I embarked on my first trans-global journey (from Argentina to India) at the ripe old age of 6 months -- and never stopped. Here are some places I've lived or visited (last updated June, 2016):


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